What is BPH or Enlarged Prostate?
BPH sufferers often have to deal with symptoms of painful urination and medications that provide no real relief

Do you have an Enlarged Prostate?

Florida Urology specializes in treating BPH, or benign prostatic hyperplasia, which causes an enlarged prostate. BPH is the most common urological condition men face and the leading reason that men visit a urologist. As the prostate gland grows, the urethra, which allows urine to exit your bladder, may become pinched from the additional pressure placed on your urethra. BPH can make a normal function, like the need and ability to urinate, complicated. BPH is a very common condition that affects:

  • 50% of men by age 60
  • 70% of men age 60+
  • 90% of men age 85
  • 95% of men with moderate symptoms are unhappy about it

What causes BPH?

To answer the question “What is BPH?” you need to understand the causes of BPH first. The main thing that causes BPH is the growth of the prostate. The prostate goes through two stages of growth and it is during the second stage of growth that BPH begins to develop. The first stage of growth occurs during puberty; the prostate doubles in size and then quits growing. The second stage of growth generally begins around 25 and continues for most of your life. As the prostate grows it pushes up against each side of the urethra making it narrow and causing the bladder to work harder. Over time, the extra work the bladder is doing causes the bladder walls to become thicker and inflamed leading to a weaker bladder that struggles to empty all of the urine. All of these combined factors are what cause the symptoms of BPH.

What are the Symptoms of an Enlarged Prostate?

By working with a qualified urologist, you can determine if the pain and symptoms you’re experiencing are caused by BPH. The most common symptom of BPH is the feeling or need to urinate every hour or two due to the bladder being unable to empty itself fully but you may have BPH if you’re experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Pain
  • Burning
  • Weak streams
  • Dribbling
  • Leaking
  • Straining
  • Sudden urgency or other problems with urination

Symptoms vary in type and intensity. If you are concerned about the BPH symptoms you are experiencing and are ready to learn about your available options, it’s time to talk to Florida Urology. We have 5 convenient locations in Ormond Beach, Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, and Palm Coast, FL.

Many men just wait and monitor their BPH for worsening symptoms but there are a few different ways to treat BPH like procedures, medication, and lifestyle changes. Certain BPH medications that doctors will prescribe are Alpha Blockers or 5-Alpha-Reductase Inhibitors but medicine alone may not produce long term results.  At Florida Urology, we specialize in a new treatment for BPH that’s nonsurgical called UroLift®. The UroLift® system lifts the prostate to release pressure on the urethra.  

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After being diagnosed and treated by your doctor you can also try a few lifestyle changes that can help you better control your BPH Symptoms. Some of these changes include better eating habits and staying away from diuretics.

What is the Best Treatment For Enlarged Prostate?

The best BPH treatment for you may be different for someone else. Florida Urology specializes in finding the best BPH treatment for you. If you have more questions, you should call and schedule an appointment today!

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