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BPH & Urolift

Discover UroLift, an alternative BPH treatment for enlarged prostate.

Don’t Let Your Enlarged Prostate Run Your Life

Is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), or an enlarged prostate causing you pain? Are trips to the bathroom frequent and difficult? Bring relief and regularity back into your life with UroLift, an alternative BPH treatment for enlarged prostate cleared by the FDA.

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You Have BPH, Let’s Consider Your Treatment Options

As someone with BPH, you’re not alone. BPH impacts millions of men, but not everyone makes the best decision when it comes to relieving themselves of the pain. Traditionally, treatment options included only medications and surgery, both with significant risks and side effects. But now, you have the option of a minimally invasive procedure in UroLift.

Which option is right for you?


BPH medications are intended to decrease the impact BPH has on your life. Medications can mask symptoms but are not long-term solutions. Common side effects associated with BPH medications include fatigue, dizziness, and sexual dysfunction.


An alternative option, BPH surgery is intended to serve as a permanent solution for this condition. But once again, you may find that the side effects aren’t worth the risk as  impotence, excessive bleeding, and retrograde ejaculation are among the dangers involved in having this procedure.


UroLift is a minimally invasive outpatient BPH procedure that requires a single office visit. Medications and traditional surgery are not needed with this treatment, and no tissue is destroyed. UroLift releases the pressure your prostate places on your urethra, keeping pathways open, and easing flow. And you can rest easy knowing that impotence and sexual dysfunction are not common occurrences with UroLift

Meeting American Urological Association (AUA) guidelines as a treatment for BPH, Urolift may be your key to unlocking your bladder and saying goodbye to the complications that come with having an enlarged prostate. Past patients have been able to resume daily activities quickly and have left their outpatient visit with the confidence that they can go through life without needing to be within a short walk of a restroom.

UroLift is proven effective to treat BPH in as little as a single office visit.

Florida Urology is ready to answer questions, explain the procedure, and walk you through the benefits UroLift can provide you.

Discover if UroLift is the best option to treat your BPH

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