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BPH Treatment Options

Man discusses BPH Treatment with his urology specialist

You Have BPH, Let’s Consider Your Treatment Options

As someone with BPH, you’re not alone. BPH impacts millions of men, but not everyone makes the best decision when it comes to relieving themselves of the pain. Traditionally, treatment options included only medications and surgery, both with significant risks and side effects. But now, you have the option of a minimally invasive procedure in UroLift.

How is Enlargement of the Prostate Treated?

Urology Specialists at Florida Urology Center treat symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH, based on the severity of symptoms, age and overall health of the patient. Personal preferences and how much the symptoms affect daily life are also factors to consider. Numerous treatments are available for BPH including lifestyle changes, medication, minimally invasive procedures, like the UroLift® System, and surgery.

Which option is right for you?

  • Lifestyle Changes like reducing liquid intake before sleeping, training to increase continence, avoiding alcohol and caffeine, and monitoring the effects of certain medications are all great starting places, but surveillance of symptoms may not always be enough for patients to find relief.
  • Medications BPH medications are intended to decrease the impact BPH has on your life. Medications can mask symptoms but are not long-term solutions. Common side effects associated with BPH medications include fatigue, dizziness, and sexual dysfunction. For some patients, medications simply will not provide the relief they're looking for. There are several surgical options, which are less-invasive, and more effective, than ones in years past.
  • Minimally Invasive Procedures using ultrasound, thermotherapy, stents, and radiofrequency ablation, are often resources of patients that choose to "wait and see" - but this takes into account many scheduled, and rescheduled, appointments, which wastes time, money, effort, and still does not provide desired relief.
Stop Wasting Time with BPH Symptoms! Get Your Life Back!

If you’re tired of experiencing the need to urinate constantly, weak urination streams, or loss of control, your bladder may be telling you that something is wrong. And it's time to get help!

Rely on Drs. Morrow, Parr, Hermansen and Guido to provide you with the best options for treatment, based on several factors, including your lifestyle, medical history, and personal medical preferences.

BPH Surgery may be right for you. Call to schedule a consultation today and get started on the road to relief.

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